Partners &

Ministries, missions, and outreaches

Below is a list of the partners we support through our ATK support. Discover each ministry, how they seek to advance His Kingdom, and how we can assist them!

  • Joe & elissa adams

    Church Planters in Colorado Springs, CO – They are in need of funds for equipment for their church plant which is set to launch in January of 2018.

  • Karen jones

    Human Trafficking Outreach & Education in the Roanoke Valley, NC – She is looking for a new place to leave and needs support for her travel expenses. 

  • Ryan & Kelly Saurers

    Missionaries to Comayagua, Honduras – Their needs are many, but specifically, they have asked us to help them set up their Honduras Mission Project.

  • thommy SauNDERS

    Campus Outreach on NC University Campuses (UNC, NC STATE) – Thommy is looking to expand his outreach to more campuses in North Carolina and needs support for materials and travels. 

  • short term mission: Nicaragua

    David and Lemoine Conner & Marshall and Angie White – These wonderful couples need help raising support for building materials for their church plants and houses to be constructed in Nicaragua.

  • Longview marriage retreat

    Joe and Jane Brown – The Browns host a marriage retreat on their farm for couples who want to strengthen their marriage. They are asking us to help them raise money for a golf cart and future developments.

  • Celebrate recovery

    Deborah and David Marshall – They have asked us to help them grow the program and increase outreach in the community. 

  • Dramatic arts outreach

    Valley Community Church – This ministry needs funds for props, costumes, equipment, and promotion.

  • Servant evangelism outreach

    Valley Community Church – We need help with cost of materials for more community and evangelistic outreaches.

what is the ATK Offering?

The Advance the Kingdom Offering, a special offering collected over the course of the next year, is given in addition to tithes and offerings and is used to raise a significant amount of money to be used for outreach and mission projects in our local area, the surrounding region, and all over the world. Below, you will see projects that we are sponsoring and their approximate costs. Our goal is to raise a total of $90,000 to advance the kingdom of God on earth. We are asking you to take part in evangelizing the world through a Faith Commitment Offering. Between now and February 2018, please read through this page and be in prayer over this event.

A commitment offered to god

The Faith Commitment Offering is a personal commitment you make to God to give a certain amount of money over a specified period of time for the purpose of global evangelization. It is made after you have sought God’s will for the amount He wants you to give.  

A decision made in faith.

This commitment to give is a faith commitment. In other words, you are trusting God to guide you in determining the amount you are to give. You are also believing that He will provide the funds to fulfill your commitment. According to Hebrews 11:6, God is pleased when we exercise our faith. If you have determined an amount based upon the Holy Spirit’s leading, then you can believe God will the resources or reveal to you ways to fulfill your Faith Commitment Offering. 

An amount decided in advance. 

The Faith Commitment is made in advance––in conjunction with our Advance the Kingdom Celebration. The gifts, however, are to be given over a specified period of time; they may be given periodically or all together.

faith commitment offering

If you feel that God is calling you to make a financial commitment to Advance the Kingdom with Valley Community Church, we encourage you to pray that God would place a specific amount on your heart. You can commit to a one-time or monthly gift.