Growth track

The Growth Track is designed to help you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. From the initial decision to find out more about the vision of Valley Community Church, to a rewarding leadership role on our team, we will provide you with a path to experience growth and fulfillment.

The Growth Track is comprised of three steps. FirstStep is our intro class for new believers or Christians who want to rededicate their lives to Jesus. It’s held the first Sunday of every month during first service at 8:30AM in the Conference Room. NextStep is a 2-class event (class subject details listed below.) This step is for those who want to know more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it; at the end of NextStep, attendees will be given the opportunity to become a member of Valley Community Church. Each subject within NextStep helps you take a step towards God’s plan of fulfillment for your life and is held every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday from 6-9PM at Valley. LeaderStep is the final stage in the Growth Track where we actually get you plugged into leadership. Ultimately, our goal is to help you connect with a group of people where your life can touch the lives of others. 

  • Church 101 (2nd wednesdays)

    Become better acquainted with the story, vision, and values of Valley Community Church. Come to connect with others and have the opportunity to get to know the pastors and other leaders of Valley Community Church.

  • Essentials 201 (2nd wednesdays)

    Explore the essential tools, beliefs that produce a more meaningful relationship with Christ, and what is to be a member of VCC and have the opportunity to partner with Valley by making the membership commitment. 

  • Discovery 301 (3rd wednesdays)

    Discover and understand how your personal and spiritual makeup reveals a path for your purpose. We believe God created every person with a specific plan for their life.

  • Serve Team 401 (3rd wednesdays)

    Find out more about the community, growth, the fulfillment that comes from being on a Serve Team. Serve Teams are our ministry teams that make church happen!