SmallGroups are a huge part of church culture here at Valley. We aren't a church with SmallGroups; we are a SmallGroup church! We believe that the best place for people to grow spiritually is in SmallGroups because life-change happens in the context of relationships. SmallGroups provide a place for people to connect, serve, grow, and lead. We offer an extremely wide range of groups for everyone no matter where they are in their journey.

The 13-week Fall cycle for groups begins September 2nd and ends November 30th!

Click here to view the SmallGroup menu for the 2019 Fall Cycle!

  • Sign ups for the Fall SmallGroup Cycle will begin the weekend of August 22nd during all four of our weekend services!  We will be signing up through our Valley Church App or at the Forward Booth at church!
  • If you would like to start leading your own SmallGroup, please email us at